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Praying for you is our joy

We are praying for you and have a group of people who are committed to lifting your request to the Lord. So be assured you are important to us and you will be prayed for. Thank you for taking the time to submit your prayer request.

Do you want to know how to find God?

Praise the Lord, we are thrilled to share with you just how to do that. Visit “How to Find God” and you will be led through a clear presentation of the gospel. We are praying for you to grow closer to the Lord.

Praying about a church home?

If you’d like to visit with someone in person, visit “Find a Church,” and enter your city or zip code to find a Louisiana Baptist Church near you. Pastors and church ministry leaders are eager to provide the spiritual direction you are seeking.

Need some inspiration?

We would love for you to take a minute to watch our commercials, which cover a multitude of topics relevant to people in and out of church. Feel free to share them as well!

May God bless, direct and provide as you seek Him.

John Kyle
Director of Communications
Louisiana Baptists