I Need Prayer

May We Pray for You?

Have you ever said, "I need prayer?"

Everyone could use a prayer so – how can we pray for you? Whether it’s related to a relationship, your personal health, or your career, we would be happy to pray for you.

I know I need prayer, but ...

Are you unsure what to ask? Asking for prayer can feel like a vulnerable place to be. We've all been there, and needed someone to speak to God on our behalf. You are in the right place, and we're happy to pray for whatever need you have.

Here's how we can pray for you

We want to make this as simple a process for you as possible. Please fill out this form and share your need. We aren’t asking for anything in return. We are praying because we are here for you.

Do you want to know how to find God?

We are happy to help with that as well! Visit "How to Find God" and you will be presented with a clear gospel presentation. Our hope is that you find grace and mercy through God's provision.

Looking for something cool to watch?

We have produced many Here for You commercials over the years, and we think they contain some truth that would appeal to you. Visit our Commercials page to learn more about God's grace, forgiveness, and love.